Zoe's warm and relaxed energy made the initial consultation easy and comfortable, and from the moment the session began I could feel there was powerful work happening. She tuned in and listened to my body to pick up patterns of distress and areas in need of attention and healing, creating a stress-releasing experience of revivification and body awareness. A Shiatsu session with Zoe is a full and whole experience of body/mind/soul support and one I am grateful for!

Michele, Somerville, MA

Having chronic lyme disease, food allergies, and circulatory problems for nearly 15 years, I've struggled to find physical and emotional balance. After trying a wide spectrum of alternative medicine approaches, Zoe's use of Zen Shiatsu, Moxa, and TCM dietary advice has had the greatest impact on my overall energy and resiliency. After the first session I noticed my circulation had improved and I felt less sluggish. She is mindful and clearly communicates her process and what I can do between sessions to maintain my health.

Paul, Boston, MA

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