Zoe's natural talent as a Shiatsu therapist is helped by her education and healing energy. What differentiates Zoe from mediocre therapists is her ability to quickly diagnose a problem area and offer solutions I could work on after the massage. She is extremely conscientious and gave the session her undivided attention. I continue to be grateful for this great experience.

Tracy, West Chester, PA

Zoe is a skilled and sensitive diagnostician, which allows her to meet her clients right where they are. The work is holistic; it's not just about massaging the kinks and soreness away although that is certainly a byproduct but she also addresses the issues at their roots, inviting a gradual opening of those areas. Measurably, after three months of working with Zoe, I sleep and eat better, and my temperament is noticeably balanced and at ease. Working with Zoe, I have observed an overall unlocking of myself. I do believe that anyone could stand to benefit from this practice, and I encourage folks to try. It seems, to me, a step toward happier, healthier living.

Sonia, Boston, MA

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